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Video Production

Explainer Videos on Insurance for an Ed-Tech Company

About The Client: is a Mumbai-based Ed-tech company. Upsurge specialises in teaching topics of complex finance origin in a simplified form. They create online courses on skill-based issues of general interest that aims to help make people more financially independent. Upsurge has created an online learning platform. Their courses are curated for an audience with no age or educational barriers. Upsurge is supported by India’s most prominent entrepreneurs like Deepinder Goyal, Anupam Mittal, etc.

Upsurge recently launched a course on its online platform which is a completer guide to all insurance policies in association with Ditto Insurance and how to choose the best insurance policy that conforms to you.

Scope of Work:

The Media Architects were tasked with full end-to-end video editing required for the course. The aim of this project was to make quality edits within a deadline. We designed solid graphical explanatory videos that were easy to understand. Our team consolidated complex financial terminologies into understandable animated illustrations by using apt editing tools. The goal was to keep the course in cohesion with other courses that already existed on the company website while also creating a remarkable course. The course required to be easily understandable, appealing to the client, and highlighting Upsurge’s drive to teach better while always keeping up with the company’s unique identity.

The Result:

The Media Architects delivered best-in-the-field quality content. We delivered with outstanding work and efficient speed. All of the post-production tasks were completed and delivered within 30 days. The quality of the work delivered helped viewers understand topics in a much more understandable manner. The total content of the course span across 16 videos and 170 minutes. All through the course, the brand identity was consistently highlighted.