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Social Media Marketing for India’s Biggest Wedding Freelancer Community

About The Client:

Wedding Industry is complicated. When a bride or groom hires a wedding studio for a team of creatives, that studio might hire freelancers like cinematographer or photographers as and when the need arises. The problem arises when studios find it difficult to find new talent at a new place or hire better talent. Freelancers are also always on a look to get new work and diversify their clientele. This is where Wedlancer steps ina SaaS platform that connects freelancers in the wedding industry with studio owners. The company helps create gig opportunities for freelancers and ease the hiring process for studio owners.

Scope of Work:

Wedlancer required The Media Architects to help them form a strong community of freelancers and clients that increases the sale of their core services. We were trusted with end-to-end management of their social media accounts that included content planning, production, marketing, and featuring. We aimed to strengthen Wedlancer’s branding and boost its social media reach. Instagram being a go-to platform for artists and creators was the company’s biggest target in order to build its target audience.

The Result:

In approximately 6 months TMA worked from scratch and carried the company’s Instagram handle from 0 to 10,000 followers; currently, the Wedlancer’s Instagram handle has 25,000+ followers. 90% of the audience was organic, gained through the combined efforts the client and us professionals. Approximately, 2000 leads were generated on average from social media alone, and a business potential from leads close to ₹1.5cr was created. We also leveraged strong personal branding of Wedlancer’s notable cinematographer- Abhishek, which gave a push to the company’s overall social media popularity. We helped glorify the unique and noticeable social media identity of Wedlancer. Wedlancer is now a well-known brand name in the wedding industry which is creating job opportunities and making recruitment a cakewalk for clients as well.